Top 10 Collaboration Solution Companies - 2020

Even before the spread of the novel coronavirus, the world of business collaboration was in the midst of a rapid transition, with applications shifting to the cloud, team collaboration converging previous separate applications, and both IT and business leaders seeking for modern ways to measure value from their investments. Besides, the most immediate effect that COVID-19 has had is rapid—indeed, almost immediate—shift to working from home whenever possible. This mass migration of employees out of the office has established numerous challenges for those who are accountable for collaboration. In the short term, the two biggest challenges are ensuring that home workers can still effectively collaborate with their virtual colleagues, and ensuring that there is sufficient home-network performance to support technologies like videoconferencing.

Further, team collaboration is the new hub for work, as it integrates messaging, calling and meetings into a unified hub that provides for contextual communications and collaboration. Organizations increasingly view team collaboration as the single place where individuals can go to do their work. Owing to integrations that range from project management to HR applications, to service management, team collaboration abolishes the necessity to task-switch between different applications to work. At present, almost 70 percent of organizations are either using team-collaboration apps or on track to do so by the end of 2021. Also, except for the largest organizations, meetings have rapidly shifted to the cloud. Companies are also increasingly eliminating costly on-premise infrastructure like multipoint control units (MCUs), as well, in favor of cloud-based services. On the flip side, AI has long been hyped for its ability to automate and optimize a variety of applications and processes. In the collaboration arena, development in AI is allowing real-time translation, transcribing, note-taking during meetings and action-item generation. AI incorporated in videoconferencing endpoints and platforms is providing optimized meeting experiences by improving framing, audio and video.

CIOReview’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted a number of the foremost prominent organizations within the collaboration solution providers industry. We hope this issue of the CIOReview helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to foster a technologically-driven learning environment.

We present to you CIOReview’s “10 Most Promising Collaboration Solution Providers-2020.”

    Top Collaboration Solution Companies

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    Dialpad is a cloud-based business phone system that turns conversations into opportunities and helps global teams make smarter calls—anywhere, anytime. Built for the cloud, the company is a unified communication platform that works on any device. Employees use one application for all business communication—including high-quality calling, video, and chat—to stay productive from anywhere. The company’s products span video meetings, cloud call centers, sales coaching and dialers and enterprise phone systems. More importantly, powerful Ai technology is embedded across all Dialpad products to enable users to get more value from their calls and meetings

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    Arizona-based Kanban Zone offers a visual process/project management solution that embraces the Kanban philosophy and helps individuals, teams, and entire organizations improve the way they collaborate in real-time. An important thing to note is that Kanban Zone aims to collaborate with clients that are already knowledgeable about Kanban. For clients new to Kanban, the company provides coaching and training to help them take full advantage of Kanban. A member from Kanban Zone’s team of Kanban experts is assigned to each account to provide hands-on expertise and support, not only to set up the initial system but throughout the journey

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    For the last 4 decades Kramer Electronics offers ProAV solutions for AV signal management, control, management, installer product and solutions and secure BYOD collaboration. All delivered with the latest cloud, software, and hardware technology to various sectors, including corporates, government, healthcare, education, mission critical application and more

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    NUSO delivers complex cloud communication solutions in real-time through authorized channel partners serving the small to medium business (SMB) and enterprise markets. Natively developed real-world business communication tools seamlessly connect you to your customers, vendors, and team members across all platforms including desktop, desk phone, and mobile devices.We simplify Unified Communications and Contact Center solutions with phone, text, chat, and collaboration, so you never miss an opportunity. Other providers take weeks to deploy what NUSO can satisfy in minutes

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    The Range solution is also extremely versatile in enhancing existing productivity tools in an enterprise team’s arsenal. Users can add items from those tools to their check-in by clicking or dragging them over and add brief notes about the task. They can also provide the team with insight into what they are planning and what they have accomplished. If someone on the team feels blocked or needs feedback, teammates can add a flag to that check-in item. They can even connect their work to team and company level objectives using hashtags

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    Vertex provides a cloud-based and digital twin platform that facilitates team collaboration and aligns product visuals with data between engineering, internal teams, suppliers, and customers while significantly reducing hardware costs. The company is the first to connect BOM, data analytics, and 3D visualization in a team collaboration space through its innovative platform for aerospace, automotive, and heavy machinery companies

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    Hiver is a Gmail-centric customer service solution that helps teams across the organization collaborate on shared inboxes like services@, orders@, support@.It’s the most frictionless, natural way for teams to handle customer email communication as it works right inside Gmail. It helps customer-facing teams collaborate better and make sure all queries are answered on time, by the right people

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    Delivers a comprehensive set of personalized Connected Workspaces™ to enable teams across locations, on any device, to work smarter and with more fun across major industries including Engineering, Education, Pharmaceutical, Construction, Manufacturing, Graphic Design and many more

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    Jive Software

    Jive Software

    Jive’s groundbreaking PeopleGraph technology uses machine learning to map the relationships between people, content and activities across your digital ecosystem. It understands your people – their jobs, their skills, their needs – and it uses this intelligence to deliver the information they need, exactly when they need it

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    Provides companies a single system to support planning, collaboration and governance to unlock organizational productivity and create exceptional experiences