20 Most Promising Collaboration Solution Providers 2015

20 Most Promising Collaboration Solution Providers 2015

Collaboration is considered as a crucial element for success in any business. Organizations are today implementing several collaboration tools to enhance productivity, meet deadlines, grow exponentially and deliver complex products and services in the midst of highly competitive global market.

The advancements in technology, including high speed internet, web-based programs, file sharing, email and videoconferencing, have enabled collaboration technology to become the master enabler for completing tasks in a business environment. These technologies allow enterprises to fully utilize the strength and skills of every employee involved in the project. The ease of sharing ideas, solving problems, and innovating with everyone’s help are the added benefits of productivity tools.

In the last few months, we have analyzed scores of collaboration technology solution providers and shortlisted the companies that are at the forefront of tackling challenges in the arena. A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs and analysts including CIO Review’s editorial board has selected the final list of companies.

The listing provides a look into how these collaboration solutions are put into use, so that you can gain a comprehensive understanding of what solutions are available, which are right for your business and how they can help you optimize your business productivity. We present to you 20 Most Promising Collaboration Technology Solution Providers 2015.

Company Name

Company Description

Bluescape Provides cloud-based platform for real-time collaboration that makes creating and sharing content easy on different devices
BroadVision Provides unified business communication and collaboration solution designed to maximize individual and organizational productivity.
Collaboration Solutions CSi provides a complete spectrum of collaboration solutions; from audiovisual services and conferencing solutions, to Microsoft Skype for Business and Microsoft Office365 platform adoption, to custom collaboration software solutions and products.
Cotap Helping people to work together better by simplifying mobile communication in the workplace.
DoubleBridge Technologies Offers a suite of SharePoint based and Documentum-based solutions that enables flexibility on the customization for individual needs, and configurable functionalities
eCGlobal Solutions Provider of marketing technology solutions that facilitates the gathering and understanding of consumer insights, expressions and knowledge.
Enfocus Solutions Provider of software and services designed to support digital transformation.
Hivemine Provider of social business software products—AskMe, which delivers business-ready social media tools, to help organizations to speed innovation, reduce costs, and improve customer service.
Kenja Corporation Provider of an enterprise cloud collaboration platform that aims to solve the issue of getting easy access to the data that is stored in different silos.
Mersive Providing wireless media streaming and collaboration software that allows multiple users to simultaneously stream content from computers, tablets, and phones to any display.
Moxtra Provider of a mobile-first, embeddable cloud collaboration service that allows the customers work the way they want to—simply and flexibly, in real-time.
MREN Provider of a mobile-first, embeddable cloud collaboration service that allows the customers work the way they want to—simply and flexibly, in real-time.
NaviNet Helps payers and providers enhance care quality, lower costs, and improve population health management with NaviNet Open.
OpenQ Enables social and mobile collaboration to create competitive advantage while overcoming compliance and exposure risks.
Sage Clarity Provides leading edge manufacturing solutions to enable the hyper information enabled workforce of the future.
SPS Specialized business-communication systems integrator that designs, implements, manages and supports interconnected communication systems for Unified Communication (UC) and Collaboration solutions
Stormboard Provides online sticky note collaboration tool that allows users to gather in real time regardless of location and level of technical expertise.
Terminal A converged infrastructure platform allowing users to clone databases and share computing environments, instantly and in the browser.
Wrike Combining project management with real time work space for collaboration, discussion and document sharing.
XXL Cloud XXL Cloud provides a secure document cloud storage, sharing and backup solution, with its product XXL Box.