Highfive: Simplified Business Collaboration

Shan Sinha, Founder and Executive Chairman
When it comes to office conference calls today, workers don’t often expect exceptional video and audio clarity. Instead, they generally imagine the time they end up wasting while figuring out which dongle is required to screen share, downloading the right app, or getting the correct conference pin code. Highfive, a California-based conferencing company, simplifies business collaboration with its integrated hardware and software platform by combining cloud-based software with proprietary in-room conferencing hardware to nip the quality issues in the bud and facilitate more comfortable, quality interactions. “The most fundamental problems affecting conferencing are quality and user experience. We have created a completely integrated one-stop solution that gives companies a way to access all the distributed meetings across their entire organization to provide an unparalleled user experience. Our idea is to create consumer-simple collaboration for the enterprise,” states Shan Sinha, founder and executive chairman of Highfive.

With a focus on bringing together hardware and software into one solution for web, audio, and video conferencing, Highfive eases the process of managing, deploying, and using conferencing technology. With HD cameras and industry-leading audio powered by Dolby Voice, Highfive’s all-in-one solution makes collaboration a cakewalk for anyone in an organization; and the concept of starting calls without app downloads or pin codes is the icing on the cake. Being one of the rapidly growing companies with a zero CapEx solution model makes Highfive a force to be reckoned with in the collaboration space. Whenever a customer buys a subscription to their cloud meeting service, as part of that subscription, Highfive replaces hardware if it breaks and updates software free of cost while also making sure to provide the best quality experience across all the different components of the technology.

Our idea is to create consumer-simple collaboration for the enterprise

The setup of the system has three main components. The first one is the full portfolio of purpose-built hardware designed for conference rooms. Highfive’s self-built, designed, and manufactured camera operates alongside a tabletop speaker and microphone system from Dolby to provide impressive audio and video quality for the entire room. The different models of cameras are designed to support different sizes and needs of real conference rooms. The second component is apps for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and even browsers such as Google Chrome, which bring all the full-fledged software features, without requiring any downloads. The apps help people to join meetings from anywhere, with just a click. The third component is the cloud service built on the AWS’s global network of data centers that stitches all the functioning and feasibility together, which also provides users the ability to participate in meetings over the phone.

With all the three components functioning together, Highfive delivers a seamless and effortless plug and play experience for conference rooms while maintaining a fantastic balance of quality and affordability. The platform also integrates with all of the other productivity tools available in a system including Google Calendars and Microsoft Outlook, and even messaging tools like Slack or Skype for Business. Steering ahead, Highfive aims to continue providing the collaboration tools needed for companies to build connected cultures. “This migration from old legacy technologies like WebEx to modern, lightweight, fully featured, high-quality, cloud-based systems like ours makes conferencing a go-to interaction method, and we are the only vendor that provides an efficient and affordable all-in-one solution,” concludes Sinha.


Redwood City, CA

Shan Sinha, Founder and Executive Chairman

Highfive simplifies business collaboration with an all-in-one conferencing platform that builds connected cultures