Quip: Do More, Together

Quip’s cloud-based collaborative platform comes with all the features that a team needs to work better together. Unlike rigid word processors, with Quip, the users can take their work document online and not only add spreadsheets, tasks, and images to it but also mark any data for context and visibility. There is just one version of the work with a clear picture of who changed what, and when. In addition, every Quip document comes with built-in chat, plus team chat rooms and 1:1 messaging, so the teams can easily converse, and all these conversations stay where they belong instead of getting lost in email or chat windows. With this, Quip brings transparency to team work but does it securely as well with permissions at the group, folder, or document level. Also, push notifications are delivered right onto the users’ devices— smartphones and desktops—so they can stay in sync, in real-time with their whole team.

Quip’s documents are centered on team interactions—the more employees access a document, the longer it stays alive: the documents that live and breathe teamwork. “Work is a team sport, so bring your team together through Quip’s living documents,” remarks Patrick Moran, Chief Customer Officer at Quip.

Additionally, Quip enables users to import or export documents directly from Microsoft Excel, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and email attachments.

Work is a team sport, so bring your team together through Quip’s living documents

Also, being a Salesforce company, Quip helps users add real-time Salesforce data to the living documents, enabling them to integrate Salesforce reports into a Quip spreadsheet with a single click. Even more—when something is updated in Salesforce, it’s instantly updated in Quip too—enabling users to make better decisions and work better together.

A great example of Quip in action comes from Electronic Arts (EA), an American video game company, which turned to Quip for the launch of their new video game. Being a company with huge fan following, EA’s game trailer went viral on social media, which the marketing team wanted to leverage to better their promotion strategies. However, their dependency on email collaboration and spreadsheets limited their ability to communicate real-time social media updates within the marketing team. This all changed when Quip came into the picture—enabling the EA marketing team to directly source data from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube onto the living document and collaborate on it in real time, engage with EA game advisors, and discuss hot topics with other members of the community.

Quip aims to vanguard the pace of technological change through their pragmatic solutions and be the backbone for companies looking forward to effective collaboration solutions. Looking ahead, Salesforce plans to continue to deeply integrate Quip into the Salesforce platform, bringing further sophistication to its customer success platform.


San Francisco, CA

Patrick Moran, Chief Customer Officer

Quip is a connected hub where teams create, discuss, and organize their work from any device