Hoylu [NASDAQ:HOYLU]: Pushing the Enterprise Collaboration Boundaries

Stein Revelsby, CEO
Enterprises today witness a massive influx of data pertaining to customers, product prototypes, and financial performance that needs to be managed and shared appropriately. While technology has brought email, chat, and video conferencing, these communication modes lack the intuitiveness that would enhance the user experience. Hoylu [NASDAQ:HOYLU], an innovative and groundbreaking provider of user-friendly collaboration tools, has chosen the road less taken. Unlike its competitors, Hoylu prioritizes user experience over technology to build intuitive interfaces that improve knowledge management and support innovation. Equipped with deep expertise in designing and developing software that can be easily integrated with third party tools, Hoylu successfully “structures the information to enable visualization that makes teams more productive,” says Stein Revelsby, CEO, Hoylu. The company’s hardware and application-agnostic solutions link groups of people, as opposed to systems, to offer a unified collaboration experience.

Hoylu’s core B2B offering comprises Hoylu Inspiration Suite (HIS), a collection of software packages designed to address critical collaborative needs; and display solutions which include the HuddleWall, a scalable work surface for high-performance workstations. Apt for creative teamwork, HIS is capable of running on several surfaces including personal devices, projected walls, digital screens, and even digital paper. Further, HIS’ modules like Sketch, Flow, Insight, and Paper, enable project ideation, brainstorming, and process planning through a unified collaborative experience. Paper provides a simple interface to relay each stroke of a Bluetooth-enabled pen on a digital screen, which can be enriched by additional content from personal devices. “Detailed blueprints can be created using a freeform canvas with Sketch,” adds Revelsby. Flow, on the other hand, structures workflow to provide data essential for process planning, brainstorming, and mind mapping. The data from different sources and modules can be integrated and visualized on HuddleWall using Insight, Hoylu’s latest product. Andrew Jamison, VP of Sales, North America, Hoylu, describes HuddleWall as a display system that provides a “large digital real estate of 85 inches and above.
By using our multi-projector approach we can scale the display to 12, 18, and 24 feet,” states Jamison, adding that Hoylu has even provided a 35 feet display for a customer.

Our product works on numerous displays, small and large, which is unique. Our philosophy is to enable people to work in environments they are comfortable

Hoylu’s clientele spans several verticals including construction, education, entertainment and finance. For construction industry projects, HIS and HuddleWall provide a 5D visualization of projects involving a 3D representation of the proposed structure with the fourth dimension corresponding to project timelines and the fifth to budget. Typically, one-third of the display space is used to represent models and the remaining for timelines and budget. “Our product works on numerous displays, small and large, which is unique. Our philosophy is to enable people to work in environments they are comfortable,” says Travis Beaven, Chief Product Officer, Hoylu. This approach worked wonders in a hospital construction project where Hoylu facilitated different stakeholders like doctors and other technicians to add their inputs to the hospital’s plan. Three groups of five members each were formed to present the ideas through Hoylu Paper and display it in real time on HuddleWall, which the blueprint incorporated in the shortest time, leaving the executives thrilled.

To boost its momentum in driving enterprise collaboration through enhanced user experience, Hoylu seeks to leverage virtual and augmented reality technologies to enable application-agnostic enterprise collaboration. The company is also creating a virtual whiteboard that will allow the employees of a company to access information pertaining to each meeting, along with a calendar that provides timelines for each event. Given the excitement surrounding Hoylu’s new ventures, the company is bound to reach the pinnacle of success.


Pembroke, MA

Stein Revelsby, CEO and Travis Beaven, Chief Product Officer, Andrew Jamison, VP of Sales, North America

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