Flow: Stay On Top of Everything Happening in Your Team

Aidan Hornsby, Vice President of Marketing
Traditionally, project management and team collaboration software has often been designed around the buyer's requirements, without considering the end-user experience. With smart phones becoming ubiquitous, and bring your own device (BYOD) programmes becoming integral to the modern workplace, users now expect enterprise software to be as usable as consumer mobile apps and services.

Set against such a backdrop is Flow, project management and task tracking software that is simple, beautiful and intuitive, making it not only an application that teams can pick up easily but one they will also enjoy using.

Flow offers a range of task management features designed to help managers stay on top of all of their projects from one place, including fully-featured tasks, subtasks and task comments that help keep conversation focused on the task at hand.

Flow also offers project start/end dates to help teams be more accountable, visual project timelines and simple project reporting to give managers a clear overview of a project's status.

"Our users love how Flow accommodates different kinds of projects and team workflows in one place. It makes it really easy for different teams to work together," says Aidan Hornsby, Flow's V.P. of Marketing. That flexibility is most apparent in Flow's flexible task tracking features like the ability to view a project's tasks as a list, kanban-style board, or plot them on the calendar helps. Clearly defined Public and Private Tasks also help managers maintain control over who has access to what information.

Built to make it easier for teams to work together, Flow caters to the needs of both modern and more traditional organizations.

Features designed to simplify communication and drive accountability across distributed and remote teams are also valuable to more traditional teams.
Flow also meets the needs of larger, enterprise companies, including advanced data control and security, and dedicated Customer Support and Success representatives.

Our users love how Flow accommodates different kinds of projects and team workflows in one place. It makes it really easy for different teams to work together

For Bench, a SaaS startup offering online bookkeeping, Flow has become indispensable. As a fast-growing company, the founding team was finding it hard to stay on top of everything going on in the company. “Flow became the default bridge between groups. If a task involves more than one person and any kind of remote work, Flow is involved,” says co-founder Adam Saint. "We’ve tried every possible product over the years, and Flow is the only tool that has ever stuck."

The team behind Flow has built a unique work culture around the values of trust and responsibility. The team is driven by a belief in constant iteration and development, always looking to deeply understand the problems faced by their customers, and develop features that actually solve them. For example, unlike many tools' endless notifications, Flow's Catch Up dashboard shows users only what they need to see to get caught up. The recent release of Flow's Public API allows customers to integrate Flow with custom and internal tools.

As Flow moves ahead, the team is working on building more advanced project management features without sacrificing Flow's core usability, including more powerful project timelines featuring customizable Gantt charts, and flexible team management and resource planning features designed for managers.


Victoria, BC

Aidan Hornsby, Vice President of Marketing

Flow, a simple, beautiful project management and task tracking software for teams everywhere