Convo: Driving Real-Time Collaboration

Faizan Buzdar, CEO
“A business is about relationships; and relationships are about communication. If communication is strained, the business is guaranteed to suffer,” says Faizan Buzdar, CEO, Convo.

For long, the corporate world has been relying on email for communication and collaboration. However, companies often struggle with the large number of unread emails or confusing threads with the wrong set of recipients. In tandem, the influx of social media platforms coupled with their simplicity and productivity is forcing companies to rethink their communication and collaboration practices.

Revolutionizing the internal communication space, Convo has introduced an enterprise focused collaboration and social networking tool aimed at helping businesses share, organize and archive information securely and easily.

“Convo’s collaboration toolkit helps teams complete projects faster,” adds Buzdar. Teams working on a particular project are organized in a group and everything related to that project is shared and easily searchable by members of that group.

“The experience is as simple as text messaging, but much more powerful,” explains Buzdar. Convo provides communication basics like chat and sharing and also powers enhanced collaboration that simplifies decision making. Convo allows teams to mark up any part of a document along with their feedback. This eliminates confusion and reduces the multiple iterations that are usually required to get the job done. Completed tasks and reports are shared by team members to get kudos with ‘likes’ from their boss or their peers. “It is the same kind of ‘like’ that one gets on Facebook, except that it is approval for work done well.”

Active discussion threads automatically appear at the top of the news feed, so no participant misses out on an important message. Convo helps maintain continuity in conversations between desktop and mobile, ensuring that everyone in the team is tuned into the status of tasks in real time.

Convo’s collaboration toolkit helps teams complete projects faster

Adding credence to the company’s platform, Apple featured Convo as a top app for business. “Convo enables the best mobile experience for users by leveraging the best native capabilities,” explains Buzdar. Convo’s integration with Apple’s Siri allows users to set reminders about meetings and project deadlines as well as send messages hands free.

In addition, Convo’s integration with other apps and platforms helps in consolidating information in one place. For example, when a customer posts a question or a complaint on the company’s Twitter page, it will be brought into Convo—facilitating an internal, secure communication privately before responding to the customer publicly. This feature empowers clients to manage content under a single umbrella with deep contextual collaboration.

These stellar capabilities have assisted a number of companies across verticals to enhance their corporate communication, from news media to retail stores. In one instance, the doctors at an emergency room required to communicate with each other around content such as X-rays and ECGs, could discuss key observations around critical content in real time. “No other technology or tool could fulfill this need as quickly,” says Buzdar.

Convo, over the past 12 months has introduced a number of enhancements in search, integrations, video conferencing, voice related commands for Apple and CarPlay and support for various Android devices. Treading ahead, Convo intends to continue bringing further sophistication to its collaboration portfolio.


San Mateo, CA

Faizan Buzdar, CEO

Business collaboration tool for fast-moving teams to centrally share, organize, and archive information securely