Moxtra: Multilayered Collaboration Capabilities Delivered via App

Subrah Iyer, Co-founder and CEO
Technological advancements in the collaboration space are steadily proving to be beneficial for the organizations across verticals. However, enterprises are grappling to keep pace with the demands of users to collaborate. “Customers struggle to keep control of the information and conversations that take place, related to business process in various collaboration applications,” says Subrah Iyer, Co-founder and CEO, Moxtra. Cupertino, CA-based Moxtra is a company that helps the organizations to curb the complexities around collaboration. The company allows organizations to embed deep team collaboration inside existing systems, where the business processes and context already exist. “We are able to help our customers with security and data management tools,” adds Iyer.

Post a brief stint with WebEx Communications Inc., Iyer decided to take some time off. However, a discussion with his daughter on the way collaboration would change in the mobile era led to the inception of Moxtra in 2012. “Around the same time I was in conversations with Stanley about creating the next generation of collaboration solutions. We went ahead and conceptualized Moxtra,” says Iyer. “We knew since the beginning that we wanted to provide an embedded collaboration experience." In order to prove the viability of the solutions that they offer, the company built its own app, using Software Development Kit (SDK) and Application Program Interface (API).

Moxtra provides a collaborative workspace to the enterprises since its multilayered collaboration capabilities can be embedded into any application. "We have introduced ‘power messaging’, a product which helps the businesses communicate through messages," says Iyer. Moxtra's power messaging stack provides full suite of collaboration services in one comprehensive, embeddable module. Along with power messaging, the company also offers a suite of asynchronous and synchronous or real-time collaboration capabilities.

The Moxtra SDK allows the users to engage with each other via chat, voice calls, videos, documents, screen sharing, annotation, voice, and visual clips without leaving their app.

We knew since the beginning that we wanted to provide an embedded collaboration experience

Additionally, the company enables the users to take advantage of multiple layers of collaboration that can be easily customized and embedded with their complete suite of SDKs and APIs. "We enhance the application that is used by the customers by adding collaboration capabilities to it," says Iyer.

The company has assisted a myriad of organizations to enhance collaboration by providing technical support. To throw light on one of Moxtra's customer success stories, TOTVS, an Integrated management system developer, managed to stay ahead in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) space enhancing their traditional enterprise platform with Moxtra's easy-to-use mobile collaboration capabilities. Earlier, the customer utilized Fluig messaging platform that needed to be improved and backed to match the modern day customers' specific requirements and preferences. TOTVS approached Moxtra looking for a solution that can either help them build an app or buy a new one for enabling improved collaboration to the users. After effectively incorporating Moxtra's multilayered collaboration technology to the Fluig messaging platform, TOTVS significantly increased customer satisfaction and productivity, while boosting revenue by 20 percent.

Having offered solutions in the collaboration landscape for the better part of two decades, Moxtra continues to focus on product development and innovation along with the development of the partne driven business model. "We currently have close to four million users and expect to add more customers in future," concludes Iyer.


Cupertino, CA

Subrah Iyer, Co-founder and CEO

Provider of a mobile-first, embeddable cloud collaboration service that allows the customers work the way they want to—simply and flexibly, in real-time.